How to connect Nifty (openHAB) to Alexa

How to connect Nifty (openHAB) to Alexa

Steps for enabling voice control via Alexa

01: Open Alexa App & Sign in

If you are already signed into Alexa, then please go to the next step. If you are not, then please follow the standard Alexa set up as per Amazon.

02: Click "More" (bottom right)


03: Click "Skills & Games" (middle of screen)

04: Click the "Magnifying" glass (top right) & search for openHAB


05: Click "openHAB"

06: Click ‘Enable to use’


07: Enter your openHAB login details

These are the same details that are used in the remote section of the openHAB app and also when connecting to your home using an internet browser.  

08: Click "Allow"

09: Click "Discover devices"

This can take a little time. It doesn’t matter what Alexa finds at this stage.

10: Close the Alexa App

Now re-open the app. This will now show all your devices and openHAB is fully linked into your Alexa. If they offer any other services to try, ignore them at the moment.

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