My app is not working

My app is not working

Occasionally, you might click on your app and see a blank screen. What can you do then?

First instance - Wait 1 minute

Sometimes the app takes a moment or two to connect to the Nifty brain ™, generally this occurs when there has been a power outage to the Nifty brain ™ or a system update has happened. Usually the app will reconnect and work as normal within seconds but we suggest you wait 1 minute to give it the maximum amount of time to connect the Nifty brain ™.

Second instance

If the app has not connected, then please turn the app on and off and wait a minute before turning the app back on. Again, this should force a connection. If this does not work, then we will try our 3rd instance.

Third instance

Let's check all your settings to make sure that nothing has accidentally changed. To do this we need to do the following:

a. In the top right corner of your app, you should see 3 blue lines. Click on those.

b. You will now see two setting options. 'Notifications' and 'Settings'

c. Select 'Settings'

d. The "Settings screen will come up with a lot of information. All you need to amend are the following:
      > Is your username correct?
      > Re-enter your password
Your username will be on your welcome pack and your password will be whatever you have set it to. If you have forgotten it, contact us and we can reset it for you.

e. The other settings should all read:

Demo mode - Make sure this is off (white icon in iOS)
Local URL: http://nifty.local.8080
Always send credentials - Make sure this is off (white icon in iOS)

Application settings
Make sure all these are off

If, after checking this the app is still not working, then we need to reboot the Nifty brain(tm). Please follow the instance below.

Fourth instance

We will reboot the Nifty brain ™. To do this we need to follow a couple of protocols. Normally we would ask you to turn it off via the app. But as the app is not working then we will need to do a hard reboot. 

A. Go to your Nifty brain ™ and find the power button.

B. Press it and then leave the Nifty brain ™ turned off for 1 minute.

C. After 1 minute. Turn the Nifty brain ™ on and leave it to reboot and reconnect to the network

D. After 3 minutes, you should see a red light and a green light (flashing) if this is so, then the Nifty brain ™ has successfully rebooted.

E. Turn your app back on. It should then reconnect with the Nifty brain ™ and work

If none of this works, then please contact Nifty on  . Remember though that your lights and curtains etc. will all still work without the app. We will help get you back up asap.
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