Where is your privacy policy and what data do you collect?

Where is your privacy policy and what data do you collect?

We have a privacy policy located here

What we collect is the bare minimum to keep our website running and support you, our clients.

Website information

Here we collect how the site is used and where people browse to and where they come from. We do not use intrusive advertising trackers and do not look to see what other sites you like to visit, we aim to be as unintrusive as we can in this day and age.

Set up information

Here we will use your network information and other data to integrate the Nifty Brain™into your system. The moment that this data is not required by us (the Nifty brain™ will still need it locally) we ensure that it is deleted from our remote network and that access to the Nifty Brain™ is protected by passwords and restricted authorisation.

Ongoing data

All usage data is stored locally on your Nifty Brain™ and commands are actioned locally on your Nifty Brain , if at any time communication between the Nifty Brain™ and our servers is needed, then it happens using AES-256bit encryption and using secure tunnelling software.